Catalog of Yoga Studios in Colorado Springs

It’s no secret that the hustle of Colorado Springs is the finest balanced with some carefulness. And whereas there are variety ways to relax and find symmetry in Colorado Springs, we’re specific supporters of yoga. The early recovery strategy is an earning trifecta of promoting exercise, restorative stretching, and focused inhaling. Continue reading for our preferred yoga studios, where you’re bound to go out feeling refreshed.

Discover the very best yoga center in Colorado Springs for you

With so many different yoga centers to select from, we are interested to know what makes them special, and their ideas on yoga community. Especially for you, there is the list of wonderful yoga places in Colorado Springs that you ought to check out if you decide to practice yoga near you.

Colorado Springs

Hot Asana Yoga Studio – Colorado Springs
(855) 996-9642
522 S Tejon St Colorado Springs
Cambio Yoga
(719) 229-1188
3326 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Colorado Springs
Yoga Studio Satya
(719) 203-4525
1581 York Rd Colorado Springs
Baptiste Power Yoga Colorado Springs
(719) 722-8606
9673 Prominent Point Ste 110 Colorado Springs
Yoga Mountain Shadows
(719) 799-6697
4663 Centennial Blvd Colorado Springs
CorePower Yoga
(719) 477-9642
623 N Nevada Ave Colorado Springs
Hot On Yoga
(719) 440-4800
5740 North Carefree Cir Ste 260 Colorado Springs
Root: Center for Yoga and Sacred Studies
(719) 209-2108
617 N 17th St Ste 200 Colorado Springs
SunWater Spa
(719) 695-7007
514 El Paso Blvd Manitou Springs
(719) 439-6487
313 N 24th St Colorado Springs
Anya Yoga Collective
(719) 439-8619
418 S 8th St Colorado Springs
CorePower Yoga
(719) 265-8611
1025 Garden Of The Gods Rd W Ste C Colorado Springs
Spark of Life Yoga
(719) 377-2267
668 N Cir Dr Ste A Divine Flow Studio Colorado Springs
Yoga With Meg
(719) 922-0098
Colorado Springs
ZENner Mobile Yoga
(719) 217-0149
107 E Ohio Ave Ste 4 Fountain
barre3 – Colorado Springs
(719) 219-9660
9697 Prominent Point Colorado Springs
(719) 208-0211
930 W Colorado Ave Colorado Springs
Omtastic Yoga
(719) 418-2375
2727 N Cascade Ave Ste 140 Colorado Springs
Personal Training and Yoga by Kara
(719) 286-9177
Broadmoor Bluffs Colorado Springs
Kundalini Yoga with Charanbir Singh
(719) 648-9294
1900 E Pikes Peak Ste 8 Colorado Springs
Mountain Shadows Massage and Bodywork
(719) 345-6948
6475 Wall St Ste 110
Yoga and Brews
(719) 357-7441
Colorado Springs
Springs Climbing Center
(719) 260-1050
4642 Northpark Dr Colorado Springs
Eighteenth Element Yoga
(719) 597-0448
5050 Edison Ave Ste 115 Colorado Springs
Harmonizing Wellness Institute
(443) 810-8670
525 N Cascade Ave Ste 110 Colorado Springs
Phoenix Yoga Lounge
(719) 377-1141
36 Park Ave Manitou Springs
Tracey Garcia Yoga
(719) 285-9642
9205 Meridian Ranch Blvd Peyton
Ojas Yoga
(702) 445-1300
11 S 25th St Ste 210 Colorado Springs
Falcon Yoga
(719) 271-0944
7376 McLaughlin Rd Falcon
Hot Yoga at Indigo
(719) 205-4200
715 Dale St Fountain
Bikram Yoga College of India
(719) 265-8611
1025 Gdn Of The Gods Rd Colorado Springs
Your Bliss Skin and Body Care
(719) 216-9003
2155 N Academy Blvd Colorado Springs
Dragonfly Paddle Yoga
(719) 323-4200
Colorado Springs
Studio Fitness
(719) 621-2003
13820 Gleneagle Dr Colorado Springs
Janell Ruby Yoga
(719) 439-8619
750 Garden Of The Gods Rd Colorado Springs
Sanskara Yoga
(719) 493-4374
Colorado Springs
Green Yoga
(719) 271-4834
Colorado Springs
Danielle Davis Move For Life
(719) 888-9580
2502 W Colorado Ave Ste 207 Colorado Springs
(719) 212-8996
481 CO-105 Ste 210 Monument
Perfect Fit Wellness Center
(719) 331-3352
9480 Curtis Rd Falcon
Yoga Journeys
(719) 471-7424
709 N Nevada Ave Ste 201 Colorado Springs
Beautiful and Beloved
(719) 344-8920
Earth Angels Inc
(719) 599-4592
428 Edgewood Dr Colorado Springs
Studio Ethos
(719) 447-7122
11641 Ridgeline Dr Ste 160 Colorado Springs
Infinite Abundance
(719) 233-5782
Colorado Springs
Yama Training and Wellness
(719) 582-6670
Colorado Springs
In Balance
(719) 394-8877
2820 E Pikes Peak Ave Colorado Springs
CrossFit 7070
(719) 422-2370
530 E 8th St Monument
Enso Motherhood Revolution
(719) 660-5687
10 S 25th St Colorado Springs
Balance and Live
(908) 400-1233
Colorado Springs
Cloud9 Divine Healing Center
(719) 593-5910
4663 Centennial Blvd Colorado Springs
Devi Mata Wellness
(805) 208-2846
Angie Marler Yoga
(316) 871-3275
1676 S 21st St Colorado Springs
Barber Family Counseling and Wellness
(719) 644-6131
5373 N Union Blvd Ste 103 Colorado Springs
Mindful Grief Support
(719) 460-4960
525 N Cascade Ave Colorado Springs
White Iris Yoga
(719) 686-9642
1652 Sunshine Cir Woodland Park
Scott A Jones
(719) 285-7127
1795 Jet Stream Dr Ste 105 Colorado Springs
Crystal Robertson Health Wellness
(605) 389-0223
1723 West Vermijo Ave Colorado Springs
Boulder and the Pine Wellness
(719) 445-6569
5540 N Academy Blvd Ste 250 Colorado Springs
Lalena Fischer and Somatic Healing
(719) 964-7164
Colorado Springs
SUP Colorado Springs – Temp
(719) 271-2265
427 Prospect Lake Dr Colorado Springs
High Desert Center For Restorative Therapies
(719) 309-8864
3245 W Carefree Cir Bldg F Colorado Springs
LoDo Chair Massage – Colorado Springs
(719) 960-4570
Colorado Springs
Linda Skarrup Healing Arts
(720) 371-9936
1776 S Jackson St Denver

Yoga teachers (neighborhood) in Colorado Springs

We think there is a strong yoga neighborhood right here in Colorado Springs Generally there is a massive quantity of respect between different studios and often instructors instruct at various yoga centers throughout the town. This permits a lovely cross-pollination of ideas as teachers contribute to a city-wide identity for yoga, so they act as bridges in between the community. Some students take advantage of going around and trying lots of various classes and instructors though others find the center and/or instructor they feel a strong relationship to and name it family. There are a lot of workshops and a great deal of yogis in Colorado Springs, so generally there is a lot of space for everyone.

Yoga for all in Colorado Springs

Whenever this is easy to get carried away with the limitless occasions and ventures within your reaches in Colorado Springs, finding down time is no little accomplishment. A couple of minutes in savasana might just be the solution to this fast-paced lifestyle. Nevertheless, with numerous local yoga centers to pick from, it’s tough to find the one that finest fits your needs. We portrait a list of outstanding yoga centers in Colorado Springs, with recommendations for each kind of specialist.

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