Catalog of Yoga Studios in Fresno

It’s obvious that the haste of Fresno is the best balanced with some alertness. And although there are myriad ways to unwind and find balance in Fresno, we’re particular fans of yoga. The traditional healing method is a gaining trifecta of stimulating exercise, restorative stretching, and focused inhaling. Continue reading for our preferred yoga studios, in which you’re tied to leave feeling revitalized.

Find the best yoga center in Fresno for you

With a lot of various yoga studios to pick from, we are wonder to know what turns them unique, and their thoughts on yoga neighborhood. Specially for you, there is the catalog of terrific yoga places in Fresno that you need to have a look at if you decide to exercise yoga nearby.


(559) 353-2336
292 W Shaw Ave Fresno
Perfect Balance Yoga
(559) 222-6212
5091 N Fresno St Ste 133 Fresno
Tower Yoga
(559) 981-2944
1277 N Wishon Ave Fresno
Old Town Yoga
(559) 472-6677
325 Clovis Ave Ste 106 Clovis
Four Corners Yoga
(559) 940-7971
8959 N Chestnut Ave Fresno
Blue Moon Yoga – Fresno
(559) 434-2469
1144 E Champlain Dr Ste 104 Fresno
Fig Garden Yoga Studio
(559) 222-5100
6045 N Palm Ave Ste A Fresno
Fulton Yoga Collective
(559) 921-9642
1612 Fulton St Ste 103 Fresno
Body Aware Thai Yoga Therapy
(559) 528-8424
5091 N Fresno St Ste 133 Fresno
ThriveFit Wellness
(559) 492-3500
2065 W Bullard Ave Fresno
Blue Moon Yoga and Juice Bar
(559) 325-2583
850 Herndon Ave 101B Clovis
Yoga Center
(559) 855-4553
3930 E Saginaw Way Fresno
MetalMark Climbing and Fitness
(559) 229-7900
4042 N Cedar Ave Fresno
Namaste Together
(707) 580-9022
Aries Holistics
(559) 797-2292
2448 S Lewis Ln Sanger
Yoga For Living
(559) 225-9642
Inner Path Yoga
(559) 360-3362
33171 Auberry Rd Auberry
Hotworx – Clovis
(559) 900-9679
1127 N Willow Ave Ste 108 Clovis
Energy Alchemy With Dorian
(559) 355-7863
5064 N Angus St Fresno
Performance Studio
(559) 720-6278
741 E Barstow Ave Fresno
Love at First Flight
(559) 436-9131
1305 N Willow Ave Ste 100 Clovis
Sahaja Meditation
(877) 642-6074
Uncaged Fitness
(559) 353-0972
3733 W Holland Ave Fresno
Om Nirvana
(519) 842-0141
110 King Street Delhi
Skumar Yoga
(559) 387-9733
Nature Code Healing
(831) 884-3735
King City

Yoga instructors (neighborhood) in Fresno

We feel furthermore there is a strong yoga community here in Fresno There is a massive amount of respect between numerous centers and typically teachers educate at various yoga studios across the town. This enables a lovely cross-pollination of ideas as instructors contribute to a city-wide image for yoga, so that they act as bridges between the neighborhood. Some trainees make the most of going around and trying lots of various classes and teachers though others discover the workshop and/or teacher they feel a deep connectivity to and name it home. There are many workshops and a great deal of yoga followers in Fresno, so generally there is lots of room for everyone.

Yoga for all in Fresno

Whenever it is simple to get carried away with the unlimited events and ventures within your reaches in Fresno, discovering down time is no little task. A few moments in savasana may just be the option to this hectic lifestyle. Nevertheless, with lots of local yoga workshops to select from, it’s hard to discover the one that finest matches your requirements. We portrait a list of exceptional yoga centers in Fresno, with ideas for every single kind of professional.

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