Kaya Yoga

Kaya Peters is a certified and registered yoga teacher who teaches private and group classes and retreats in Dubai,
Bali, Turkey, India and Sri Lanka.
Kaya’s classes and coaching are highly suitable for those suffering from depression, anxiety attacks, injuries and other physical and mental health issues. Her unique classes blend the principles of Yoga, Therapeutic Postures and Fitness to promote fat burn, muscle growth, flexibility, strength and increased body awareness. You will observe a dramatic difference in your posture, energy levels and overall feelings of well-being with only 10 sessions.
Benefits of Kaya’s Yoga classes:
* Accelerated fat-burn, lasting up until 8 hours after the class
* Increased muscle tone and long, slim looking muscles
* Increased breathing capacity
* Increased flexibility
* Stress reduction
* Better concentration
* More energy
* Builds (core) strength
* Cleanses the inner organs
* Stimulates the digestive system
* Calms the mind and leaves you feeling balanced and relaxed
In addition, Kaya runs holistic weight-loss and detox programs and facilitates nutritional consultations.

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