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Stress Relieving Yoga: Office/Business goers

Stress is caused when an energy body is impregnated with ideas or action that does not synchronize together. This causes discomfort in one’s energy body leading to imbalance in physical body too. Hence stress has always been a major cause of illness and diseases.

The programme specifically is designed to help individuals with increase tolerance to any kind of stress to a level that it does not affect the physical or the energy body. Yoga, being the only purest form of channelizing medium, can harmonize the energy, ego and physical body of an individual; leading to the perfect balance of life.

SR Yoga is a judicious blend of Ashtangana Yoga, Hatha yoga and Vini Yoga. Such that the needed poses from each of the art form is inculcated together in the programme for the benefit of an individual.

Rejuvenating Yoga: Ladies Special

Just like the Ying Yang philosophy, a woman’s body, mind and soul are crafted in a very special way. They are strong, yet they are delicate and swift; they withstand dramatic impositions and yet they can retort to the tiny most aspect of lives.

This phenomenon of every woman leads their soul, mind and body to deteriorate over the years. It is very important to understand and bring out the balance in them.

Rejuvenation is a process of healing the body, mind and soul and reclaiming back the lost youthfulness & freshness in all of them. Ashtangana yoga, Vini yoga and Pilates are the basic forms of Yoga needed to unwind the lost inner self. Inner cleansing and meditation sessions also add up to the healing a great way.

Mother Yoga: Pre & Post Natal Yoga

A mother’s physical body, energy body and mind or ego body undergoes tremendous changes every day through the pregnancy and post delivery as well. She becomes the creator and nurtures the tiny little soul, energy and mind developing inside her womb every moment. It is not just an incredible phenomenon of the nature but also the most awesome experience a human can ever experience.

A women body needs to maintain a composed and balanced fitness during the pre and post delivery phase. In fact, post the deliver a women renews her body herself; fresh, tender and delicate. Thus, throughout the pre and post natal phase, yoga helps her to stimulate the experience of motherhood and helps mitigate the pains and sufferings as well.

Mother yoga is course well designed to understand the needs of every mother in this important phase of their lives.

Shape-up Yoga: Weight Balancing Yoga

A human body is influenced by a series of external factor and thus balancing the body is an important aspect. Especially due to eating habits, sleeping irregularities, workaholic behaviour, hormonal imbalances, etc. the physical body is affected the most.

Whether over-weight or underweight, yoga can drive up a path of balancing the body mass index (BMI). It is not just about following proper diets and performing yoga poses rightly, but also about consciously focusing on daily activities and indulging into stable routine.

The programme guarantees benefits to the determined disciple of yoga.

Peace Yoga: Sr. Citizens

You are never too old or never too young to do yoga!

In fact, performing yoga only enhances one’s body performances and keeps one active and fit. Yoga helps to synchronize one’s soul, mind and physical body. Any yoga that is comfortable and stable for an elderly, it can be performed.

Yoga is the way of life! It is not about doing it or no, it is about how smoothly you can do. It is about enjoying the journey of attaining peace of mind and soul with your physical body performing the poses. It only supports and activates the body movements and thus functionality.
Come and let’s energize!


Junior’s Yoga: Age group 5 to 15 years

Nothing can be as soft and flexible as a child’s mind and body. They are yet to see and experience the world and hence it is even more important to mould them in the right way at the initial steps of their lives.

Right from the birth a child does some or the other form of yoga. Only if we observe this correctly, we can notice that an infant does a series of yoga poses grows every day. Yoga helps structured growth in their bodies, sharpen their minds and helps them to focus.

The sooner we start the better it is for them to understand and handle lives in sensible ways.

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