Internal Cleansing Sessions

Internal Cleansing Sessions are meant to practically clean the physical body internally through various well practices methods. These are very effective practices in detoxifying the body and one can feel light and energetic. All sessions and activities are performed under expert supervision only.


Meditation is like breathing for soul. Longer and deeper you meditate, rapidly your soul heals and even faster you experience the paradise and peace.

Meditation is not just about keeping silence or sitting in a pose for hours together. It is about connecting with one’s inner self while keeping all the thoughts and memories at bay. It is both an art and a science to heal one’s soul, mind and body. It is about consciously witnessing and tuning one’s self with the energy body and thus devises the connection with all together. It is about feeling at ease and comfort while keeping all worries away. Yoga meditation sessions are some of the most wonderfully executed meditation sessions for uniting and healing one’s soul, mind and body.

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