Nothing to Fix or Change

What would your life be like in this moment if you realized that there was nothing you had to fix or change about yourself?

Why not pause for a moment, right now. and consider the possibility of simply “being” with everything “just as it is”. What do you see, smell, hear, taste and feel in this moment of “being”? When I pause to refresh and begin again, I notice….Life unfolding, seasons changing, and colors vibrantly appearing out of nowhere. Each one of us has our very unique way of perceiving life. Sometimes my day unfolds progressively with all kinds of tasks to complete and check off my list of “to do’s”. My most treasured days are the ones that begin with the sun rising and I am directly engaged with each moment unfolding organically. On that direct path the house wren lights on the railing and communicates in a language of trilling sound. The resonance travels through my nervous system and I hear in a language that directly communicates within my heart. At that moment, I am the wren and the wren is me.

Yoga in action, when there is no separation, total union and oneness of being alive in the moment. This being alive is precious and each moment is a celebration of the miracle of life. When I indulge in mind chatter that tries to fix or change me the magic disappears and the merry-go-round of self help projects begins. There is nothing I have to fix or change about this magnificent universe inside or outside. The past drops off and the future stays steeped in the mystery. Loving myself enough to cherish each moment is the most profound spiritual practice I’ve experimented with to date. When the experience is direct the meditative inquiry flows as the essence of life flows. I invite you to share one of your moments of “being”.

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