What Is Yoga

Yoga is the only pure healing process known to mankind. Medicines can treat the symptoms or ease the disease, but its only yoga that can truly heal the intangible part of the humans, their soul.

One of the ancient most forms of knowledge that combines the art (of poses and postures known as asana) and science (remedial benefits) together to the next level of consciousness to blend the physical body with the mind and energy or soul.

Yoga principles

Yoga derived from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, means “Yuj” i.e. union, unite or integrate. Thus yoga is a union of an individual’s self consciousness and the universal consciousness. Yogis used to believe that to be in harmony with oneself and the environment around, one has to merge the body, mind and soul as one and to do so one has to balance one’s actions, intelligence and emotions. Thus, to strike this balance right and maintain it throughout, yogis formed a structure based on 3 simple principles; Exercise, Breathing and Meditation.

Body in Yoga

The physical medium for attaining the highest insightfulness has to be treated well. Thus, in yoga a body is always respected and handled carefully and yet stretched to higher limits to gracefully perform each poses and postures. Each of these poses and postures improve blood circulation; stimulate every body organ to perform better.

Mind in Yoga

Oxygen is the base of a life and breathing is the only process that supplies fresh oxygen to the body and mind. Yoga helps to control breathing by simply focusing on it. The process of focusing helps an individual to gain better control on the mind.

Soul in Yoga

To reach out to the inner most levels of insights an individual needs to meditate. Meditation is not about a blank mind, but it is about paying attention and witnessing every thought while forming every poses of the body and controlling breathes taken. That’s when all of them are in harmony and an individual is relieved by all the stress and anxieties.

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